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All of the selectable multiplayer skins

Skins are unique character models that can be used in Plazma Burst 2 Multiplayer. All of the skins can be picked as avatars and used in-game, with the basic selection of skins being used for Multiplayer Deathmatch. There is another section of selectable skins that will be used for Team Deathmatch, which covers the red and blue varients of the generally characters.

How to change your skinEdit

To change your skin, simply make an account, and select the "Edit Profile" at the header of the site. There you will find all of the skins and their avatars to choose from. Remember to click "Update Profile" after selecting to save your choice. Guests cannot change their skin.


If you try to change your skin using "Inspect Element" browser option, when you will update your profile it will say "Deathmatch Model hacking attempt detected" above "Your account updated successfully" and reset your skin to the default Marine.

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