Slenderman maps are a type of custom maps.

The map begins as a group of Plazma Burst 2 characters doing the same as in the free indie horror 'Slender'.


The main objective is to collect 8 eight pages while being chased by 'Slenderman' (who appears as a invisible Ghost).

Failing to get the pages in some maps kills all the players, while in others the 'Slenderman' has to kill them all to end the match.

Once you collect all the pages, usually a door is opened with guns so you can kill the Slenderman or a button to kill Slenderman.


The players are spawned into the map, and they can run around. When they find a page, they press 'E' to collect it. Once collected the button cannot be pressed again. The 'slender' is armed with a Defibrillator and tries to kill players with it.

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