Sidewinder is an approved custom map created by the player Spartan 138 published on July 7th, 2015.


The map features a small base constructed on the left hand side of the map suited for the Red Team, supported by a teleporter nearby right at the bottom left of the map. Underneath this lies an inaccessible area known as Area 7, and it players cannot explore it. On the right side of the map, an open Blue Team spawn point is set. The bottom portion of the map is easy to access from the left hand side teleporter, as it teleports players to the center of the bottom portion of the map. The map is set at night, and it is snowing.

This map is inspired by Sidewinder multiplayer map from Halo, and it has few references to Halo and the original map. For example, Area 7 sign is a reference to the most recurring number in the Halo franchise. Snow has been added to make this map a bit more similar to the original Halo map.



Red Team

Blue Team

  • Blue Noir Lime


  • Majority of the walls constructed were deliberately constructed so that if players camp on the other side, they can be attacked from another target by shooting through the walls.
  • Using the teleporter on the left side of the map can be a bit confusing, as where you spawn you might fall down into a pit on the bottom portion of the map and die due to fall damage.


  • The map underwent several changes before its final state, for example on the left side of the map the pusher that elevates the player upwards was not added, so it was difficult for players to reach the top.

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