Crash is a map created by Stryde in mid-2012, and was probably approved by an administrator some time later. The game mode for this map is mainly Cooperative, but can be used for other game modes. There are eight players on this map, with four on each team.


The map consists of debris and platforms for the players to climb on and reach each other's spawns. There are some anti-gravitators, where players can leap on platforms easier. The map is primarily named 'Crash' as there is a crashed Falkonian Ship in the middle of the map; a crashing noise can also be heard once every few minutes during gameplay.



Civil Security

Usurpation Forces




  • It is advised to take caution when navigating on the top platforms as the height can cause massive fall damage if the player falls off.
  • It is important to take cover, especially in the top areas of the map, as it provides more open sightlines and less cover as opposed to other maps.

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