Facility is a map created by Stryde in the June, 2012. The adminstrators approved the map some time later, while the Version 1.17 came out. The map's game mode can be selected to be Deathmatch, Cooperative, or Team Deathmatch. There are eight players in this map, with four being on each team.


In this map, two teams attack each other using the bottom floor, middle floor, and the top. There are also anti-gravitators in this map, allowing players to easily switch upon floors. The sky is dark red, and the facility is probably located near the edge of a cliff, or in the sky. By the way, there are NO boundaries on the map.



Blue Team

Red Team

  • Red Noir Lime




  • Pistol C-01p, and Assault Rifle C-01r are the best weapons to use in this map, since this map is long-ranged and very open.
  • Out of every floor, the middle one is the safest place, considering the amount of cover.

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