Sniperwars is a map made by Stryde some time in 2012 after the Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay was released. This map focuses on fighting with snipers mainly, with swords being an option as well. Mainly for Deathmatch, it also works fine for modes like Cooperative, and Team Deathmatch. After this map was approved, it immediately became a hit in the lobby. Since then, stryde-sniper is still found the most on the game lobby.


The map is a symmetrical path of platforms, walls and beams. Two teams are located beside each other, with their players standing on platforms armed with their startout weapons. They can attack on the bottom floor, or at the platforms above. However through, the bottom floor is the only place in the map that provides cover. So prepare to take over when you're rushing at the top.



Red Team

Blue Team




  • Grenades could prove useful when you don't have a weapon.
  • Only use swords when your sniper rifle is reloading.
  • Selfboosting on this map would expand your life time.
  • Staying at one place will get you killed.

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