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A Sword Map is a type of custom map in multiplayer where the players do not have any weapons except their PSI Blades. Such maps normally have a high player limit.


  • Rapidly slashing your swords and also selfboosting will help a lot to kill or avoid enemies.
  • Cornering yourself will help your enemies, since they can selfboost above you, and decapitate you.
  • There is a special type of swords player called a "poxer" who originated from the poxghostrobosteelthunder-youngbrodoslowmo sword map
  • A poxer once mouthed of to a moderator, which resulted in the poxers being hunted down and banned
  • Remaining poxers include Black Goku (York), Youtaim, Massonian, Admip, Mixar, and Blank

Example Sword Maps

  • 707-swords
  • wreak-swords
  • maxydude0-slowmotion2
  • mr jaks nes-swords
  • poxghostrobosteelthunder-youngbrodoslowmo
  • mlg cool dominik-swords

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