Using time warp during a battle.

Time Warp (press Z button to activate) is a technology used by the player to gain an advantage over enemies in Plazma Burst 2 singleplayer. It slows down everything, including the user, except that he/she has more speed. It can be used in certain death situations, where dodging a rocket or deflecting bullets is necessary for survival. It can also be utilized to time a grenade's detonation, or grab a activated grenade with the Kinetic Module. The player's projectiles and movement is faster than the enemy's when using the Time Warp.

However, there are drawbacks when using Time Warp. It consumes energy at a rather fast rate. It also recharges at a fairly slow rate, so it is best used conservatively. When toggled, it uses 10 units of energy instantly and more energy depending on the duration. However, some consider the energy cost to be unimportant since this is the only ability that requires energy in the entire game.

Advantages of using Time Warp


Warping time uses energy.

  • If an enemy fires a bullet which can be deflected from your swords, you can easily attack them back. There is an achievement for deflecting bullets, called "Mirror 20 projectiles".
  • Charging into a high health enemy using Time Warp lets you easily use PSI swords to slice through their body, rather than having a long gunfight.
  • If an enemy attacks you with a bullet or shot which cannot be deflected, you can hold the 'X' button and "duck" to dodge the shot and avoid getting hurt.
  • It can be used to escape a gunfight, such as getting to cover before a group of enemies spawn in front of you and attack you.
  • If Time Warp is in use and a door comes down to you (like that trap from level 7), you can escape much better.

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