101st Mitsunari

aka Dakota Mires

  • I live in Munich, Germany
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is Game designing/Bundeswehr [Reason for absences-- father died]
  • I am A gender so indescribable, that Tumblr went down for a month. 30 feminists were found horribly mutilated in a oversized gynocologist office.
  • 101st Mitsunari

    The entire story of this takes place as if, the hero, Proxy, or Noir Lime never existed.

    ALSO, This story is dedicated to my recently deceased father, and of whom has died July 28th, 2013, and was born April 22nd, 1972.

    Everything's on Earth now.

    That means the Falkok and Grubs are on Earth as well, along with the United Secured Nations of America(Civilian Security).

    Now first, let me just start off with some history of the USNoA, otherwise known as the Civil or Civilian Security. It'll get in-depth, alright, so be prepared for some extreme fan-fiction stuff, in the form of a timeline, with the United States being an antagonist, but a protatgonist in their own means. It's like turning Islamic Extremism around.

    Before I start, this is going to h…

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  • 101st Mitsunari

    The nuclear disaster series branches off Alternate Campaigns 1st level, but Proxy and Noir Lime never existed, and it started off in a stage 3 security crisis, whereas the first one started in a stage 1 security crisis. Also, Usurpations were a bigger threat than in alternate campaign, where they appeared rarely. Civil Security snipers tend to use the CS-Yipeikiyay and bosses will rarely appear with the strong M4A1 and Glock, but tend to use other weapons more. The story is that the reason the hero wants to kill the civil security and Usurpations is to make sure that The human race isn't wiped out because of the usurps, but the Usurpations are the reason black holes haven't got so big that they'd swallow up the whole galaxy, so the hero i…

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  • 101st Mitsunari

    What is your favorite enemy faction?

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