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  • Argon7

    Gun templates

    February 21, 2015 by Argon7

    I would like to update the weapons template to include actual numerical stats. This will include editing the template source and filling in each article's infobox with new relevant content. This would be extremely convenient as the weapon stats are a popular source on this wiki and having them in each gun infobox would make for easier access and give the articles more authenticity.

    This information should be taken from the Weapon statistics (multiplayer) page unless noted otherwise or unless the weapon is not included in that list, in which case available information can be taken from the other weapon statistics page. If information is unavailable we can just leave a -/uknown/NaN. Single player stats can be ignored in the template for the purp…

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  • Argon7

    The Badge Project

    November 13, 2013 by Argon7

    I am happy to announce that the badge project is complete! We now have Plazma Burst-appropriate names and pictures for all of the badges. The project was founded back in August, and most of the badges had been converted by the beginning of September. The pasts couple of months had been slow for the project, with a few stubborn badges that we had difficulting finding a theme for. 

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  • Argon7

    It appears as though we already have level pages for the 42 levels of the second game. Up until recently, we didn't have any pages for the levels of the first game, because there wasn't enough interest in them. But we need them. 

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  • Argon7


    March 28, 2013 by Argon7

    Has anyone noticed this Wiki is virtually dead?

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