I would like to update the weapons template to include actual numerical stats. This will include editing the template source and filling in each article's infobox with new relevant content. This would be extremely convenient as the weapon stats are a popular source on this wiki and having them in each gun infobox would make for easier access and give the articles more authenticity.

This information should be taken from the Weapon statistics (multiplayer) page unless noted otherwise or unless the weapon is not included in that list, in which case available information can be taken from the other weapon statistics page. If information is unavailable we can just leave a -/uknown/NaN. Single player stats can be ignored in the template for the purpose of standardization.

Faction = Civil Security or Usurpation Forces - the only clear factions in the game - else 'uknown'

Type = Pistol, Automatic, Shotgun, Railgun, Explosive, Plasma - and specific types for special weapons - Sniper Rifle, Defibrillator - and 'other' 

(I'm not going to get too much into my distaste for the current classifications but 'energy-based' is useless because all weapons operate with energy in some form or another.)

Fire rate = Get this stat from the non-multiplayer statistics page, in shots/second. 1/reload time in seconds = shots/second. The MP statistics page messes this up for some of the weapons.

Damage = range of damage per shot (HP) without swords (ex. 26-71 hp for the Alien Rifle) and the final values for any weapon with special damage (ex. 80-420 hp for the CS-BNG, including 'slap' and 'continuous' damage)

Power = number value power of the projectile.

Count = projectiles per shot (ex. 1 for the Alien Rifle, 3 for the shotgun)

Accuracy - this stat is a percent (the total rating) and needs to be taken from the other page (multiplayer only stat). (ex. accuracy = MP level 2 for the Alien Rifle = 60%)

Speed = dry projectile speed (ex. 60 for the Alien Rifle and most guns, ignore the wet speed)

Penetration = max wall tolerance, pretty self-explanatory (ex. 4 blocks for the Alien Rifle)

This should provide enough basic information for anyone browsing the gun articles. Some less important information that can be found on the statistics page will be left off to conserve space in the template. The statistics page will still be the primary source.

If anyone has another idea as for which stats should be included in the template, please comment saying so. Otherwise I will proceed with the new template.

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