Welcome the this blog post page!

Here you can show all your pictures where you show a bug or an adventure.

I am beginning with some pictures:
  • LOL?
  • Can you top this?
  • Maybe you can top this.
  • The barrel got stuck -This was not planned.
  • The 'Sniper' died.
  • A life in a box isn't good.
  • Visit the page 'Level 24' for more details.
  • Visit the page 'Level 24' for more details.
  • The background of level 9 is white.
  • A glitch in level 4.
  • Secret place?
  • The 'super end' in level 1 :)
  • The Drone Gun is good.
  • Bug 1+2
  • Bug 1.
  • Evil Hound Walker :/
  • The driver died.

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