Hello Everyone.

I was just wondering how everyone rates custom maps. Does it differ from multiplayer maps and singleplayer maps? Do you have your own sort of categories that you check over? Do you always rate 5? Another way of rating?

I rate maps by categories and how well the map meets/exceeds those. The following are those categories:

Does it work? - If no, then I don't rate it.

Design - I start off with the actual design of the map. This includes the layout of the walls, doors, enemies, does it look cool, etc.

Difficulty - Now this is a hard one because some maps are made to be more difficult then others.

Originality - Does this map have something that others don't? Or is it a direct copy of another map?

Performance - Does it play smoothly or at 5 fps?

Other - Anything that I like or dislike.

Regardless of how bad a map is, I always try to find something nice to say. If there are major issues with a map I usually try to suggest ways of fixing them. I always use constructive criticism.

What do you think?

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