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    Plazma burst 2

    April 18, 2015 by Diablo- PC

    This is the blog post of mine, Pals. If you want to know what is my favs, what is my hobby in pb2 and pb ftp and what i like. All these things are below: Note: Read this thing if you want. ;) 

    I like playing pb2 campaign more than the Multiplayer. Why? because in multiplayer.... hu.... As the name goes in multiplayer multiple peoples insult you. So i enjoy campaign more than the multiplayer. However i like pb: fttp more than the pb2 campaign it has good guns and bright players, And more characters! 

    Uh... As you see the favs other than these 2 games are watching Naruto Shippuden episodes. While the main event, fourth shinobi world war is about to start and i am going to see the episodes, They show some of the idiotic episodes, However one wa…

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