The idiotic blog post of mine: 

This is the blog post of mine, Pals. If you want to know what is my favs, what is my hobby in pb2 and pb ftp and what i like. All these things are below: Note: Read this thing if you want. ;) 


I like playing pb2 campaign more than the Multiplayer. Why? because in multiplayer.... hu.... As the name goes in multiplayer multiple peoples insult you. So i enjoy campaign more than the multiplayer. However i like pb: fttp more than the pb2 campaign it has good guns and bright players, And more characters! 

Favs other than Plazma Burst 2 and Plazma Burst: Fttp

Uh... As you see the favs other than these 2 games are watching Naruto Shippuden episodes. While the main event, fourth shinobi world war is about to start and i am going to see the episodes, They show some of the idiotic episodes, However one was not idiotic. 

My hobby in PB2 

My hobby in PB 2 is that using kenetic module in campaign to take dead soldiers body with the kenetic module. Some times when i take them using the kenectic module, i take up from their HEAD. LOL . And sometimes Leg. ROFL. My hobbies in PB: Fttp:  

Uh... As you see, There are none to do in Pb fttp. Rather than fighting. I just keep some of the upgrades of the helmet and guns cause they look cool when not upgraded fully. Like the bike helmet which would marine wear when upgraded to level 1. 

What I like: 

i like playing games such as cricket. My father told me that this year i am going to go to Cricket coaching :D 

IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!!!. So as you see.... This is the end of my idiotic blog post.  Hope you Read them!  

This is my k
Kinetic module

Using Kinetic Module to raise the armless Usurpation soldier.

enetic module:  

Drone Gun Cs- Virus.


this is my fav gun

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