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  • Mancrew5

    The purpose of the tutorial is to provide new players with an idea of how to play the game in the simplest way possible. Since the game doesn't come with a tutorial, I have decided to make one. It will cover features such as movement, combat, etc. It is currently unfinished and unpublished, so no levels are available yet.

    Part 1 covers very basic movement, such as moving left and right, jumping, crouching, and wall-jumping. It is the smallest/easiest level of the series. At the start, you can see the Supervisor that will be guiding you through the tutorial.

    Part 2 covers the basic weaponry of the 3 factions: The Protagonist, Civil Security, and the Usurpation Forces. The player will need to kill at least one test dummy in each stage to conti…

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  • Mancrew5

    Usurpation Conquest

    April 20, 2014 by Mancrew5

    I am currently working on a singleplayer series called Usurpation Conquest. It is similar to the famous "Correction Nine theory" custom maps, but this one is about how the Usurpation Forces met humanity in the first place. My series puts an elaborate story on how this happened.

         The main character of the series is Dafuur-Isthill-Moorlak, younger brother of Argon-Isthill-Maheen, and next in line for the leadership of the Usurpation Forces and for leading The Great Journey. His race is at war with another equally advanced race called Falkonians. It is because of them that his family was taken away from him and his older brother. They have stuck together since then, but now, they have taken away the last of what held his sanity together. A…

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