The purpose of the tutorial is to provide new players with an idea of how to play the game in the simplest way possible. Since the game doesn't come with a tutorial, I have decided to make one. It will cover features such as movement, combat, etc. It is currently unfinished and unpublished, so no levels are available yet.

Part 1: Basic Movement

Part 1 covers very basic movement, such as moving left and right, jumping, crouching, and wall-jumping. It is the smallest/easiest level of the series. At the start, you can see the Supervisor that will be guiding you through the tutorial.

Part 2: Basic Weaponry

Part 2 covers the basic weaponry of the 3 factions: The Protagonist, Civil Security, and the Usurpation Forces. The player will need to kill at least one test dummy in each stage to continue to the next part. The basic weapons being tested are the pistol, rifle and shotgun of each faction.

Part 3: Faction-based mission selection

Part 3 gives the player the choice to decide which faction that was covered in Part 2 to play as. There are 3 drop pods with the character they will play as next to it. Once the player chooses, the pod will drop down into the mission zone.

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