• Noune Ceroka

    Auto Biography

    August 19, 2015 by Noune Ceroka


    I started PB2 on August 2014... the first match I went to was a Excel-Prison map... the god was name Black Wolf... ne was a good and friendly guy... he taught me the basics of PB2 and how life was there... in Septmber 2014 I joined a clan called GCS... or Galactic Civil Security... at the match was the leader of GCS General Master... and his friend Guest Electric Fish... which I later joined his clan Justice of Guests or JOG... in October I decided to... after many visits with other clan recruitment matches and viewings (In one of those i found a man named Dexter who i would soon learn was the Infamous Blackbird) ... to make my own clan... something simple... The American Safe Keepers(TASK) didn't sound right... and after a month…

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