I've decided to start a Plazma Burst 2 Custom map series called "HyperSonic" where you play as a Phoenix Falkok.


You, (a Phoenix Falkok) were living in a mars base happily, but one day 4 streams of light came from Earth destroying your home. Everyone other than you and your friend died. You later realize that the 4 streams of light were shot from "Alpha Six Blasters", and you find out that there is an experiment going on to stop the Falkok Race. Its name is... "Project HyperSonic". It has something to do with loud sounds that are strong enough to kill only Falkoks, but nothing else. So you and your friend set off in two Falkonian Ships only to be shot down at some sort of base... Or is it a base?

It may be a stupid story for you but...



.:The Beginning:. (1/3): androooo-start1

.:The Beginning:. (2/3): androooo-start2

.:The Beginning:. (3/3): Working on...

Part 1: androooo-saw

Part 2: androooo-ep2

Part 3: androooo-ep3

Part 4 (1/2): androooo-ep4

Part 4 (2/2): Will work one after .:The Beginning:. (3/3) is done.

Part 5: Coming Soon!

Part 6: Coming Soon!

.:FINALE:. : Coming Soon!

Multiplayer IDs

.:The Beginning:. (1/3): androooo-start1mp

.:The Beginning:. (2/3): androooo-start2mp

.:The Beginning:. (3/3): I'll do it after it is released.

Part 1: Coming Soon!

Part 2: Coming Soon!

Part 3: Coming Soon!

Part 4 (1/2): Coming Soon!

Part 4 (2/2): Coming Soon!

Part 5: Coming Soon!

Part 6: Coming Soon!

.:FINALE:. : Coming Soon!


v.0.0.1 - First update! Added Part 1 - Part 4 (1/2).

v.0.0.2 - Added Multiplayer variants of .:The Beginning:. (1/3) and (2/3).

v.0.0.3 - Small tweaks.

v.0.0.4 - Made some maps less laggy.

"Why do you need an update list? Your series is tiny!" You may say. My answer is: "Why not?"


 | Go ahead! Play my maps! Rate what you want and give me feedback!        |

 | If my maps suck, tell me why and how I can improve!                                                                |

 | Thanks in advance!                                                                                            |

 | -Podayto (AndrOoOo)                                                          |


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