Here is a map series I am working on, it was inspired by Valve's Half-Life and thejoshua029's D.R.E.E.M.

You play as Richard, a confident man looking forward to becoming a "Super Soldier," a one-man-army which has the capability of infiltrating enemy bases for espionage and taking down whole armies. Richard is unconsciencously transported into virtual reality to begin his training. He will be trained not physically but in a virtual world. He will have remembered and experienced everthing in that reality but will have never physically gone anywhere.

Richard starts his training and sparks a conversation with the virtual zone's Artificial Intelligence, which is similar to that of an administrator. He manages to survive but his training is cut short. The AI crashes but not before releasing Richard into reality. Richard awakens in a completely destroyed base, the research facility he trained in has been destroyed. Why? Mysterious beings from a newly discovered habitable planet, M1 Kaiser, have assaulted the base. Richard encounters some survivors and the military, which is killing everyone in sight, orders of the head of the newly formed military junta. But Richard meets another man training to be a Super Soldier and he learns what he must do.

More maps will come out whenever people actually bother to vote.

ID: redslasher-ss1

Maps done:

Part I (9/2/12)

Part II (9/3/12)

Part III (9/3/12)

Part IV (9/4/12)

Part V (9/6/12)

Part VI (9/8/12)

Part VII (9/10/12)

Part VIII (9/12/12)

Part IX (9/15/12)

I'm not trying to be pushy but please vote.

Leave comments if you have any suggestions.

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