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  • Residays

    A Staff's Quest!

    August 22, 2013 by Residays

    A Staff's Quest is a map of mine where you play as Eric or Spaz with the other staff members as a companion with the objective to stop the hackers.

    A Staff's Quest: The Stolen Site

    Eric Gurt notices the site has been hacked, Help him stop this with the help of PixelVoxel, Tempus and Tex.

    A Staff's Quest: Operation Spaz

    Spaz was suddenly attacked by the hackers then Vitamix and X Mechanic save him, Then later they get a plan to stop the attack.

    A Staff's Quest: The adventure

    Be the staff of your choice and complete quests, Explore, And find the ability of your staff of choice!

    ID: Silverteen11-quest



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  • Residays

    An Alternative Story?

    August 8, 2013 by Residays

    There was once a kid, He had a lot of names, However the name was the decision of the player, He lived in a small house with his mother, They were poor, But he didn't accept that, He took a job as a Cs, He defeated Proxy, Noir Lime and even the Marine, But his adventures wait, And is all up to you, Will you do the good? Or the bad? But if you make the wrong decision you will not complete your quest, The last page of the book, Ends with you.

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