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  • Skullhesh24

    Battle of Etaudarg Gnos is the emotional battle on the planet of "Darwin IV/Usurpia", the battle starts at March 21, 2793 to December 26, 2793. This is between Usurpation and Falkoks but the Protagonists joined the battle at June 2793.

    Introduction - The Usurpation expand their territory to the North since early 28th century, and this this is the start of "Falko-Usurpian War" and the first battle that its emotion.

    March 21, 2793 - Etaudarg Gnos, Falkok Empire, North Usurpia

    The Usurpation was discussing about to invade the Falkok empire because of long request to have union of Falkok Empire and Alien Strong Republic of Usurpation and then at night, the Usurpation was marching to Etaudarg Gnos and a Falkok watchtower saw an Usurpation soldiers…

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  • Skullhesh24

    Battle of Zdrastvooytye was a brutal battle and long battle of the history on an alien planet called "Usurpia", the battle started at September 28, 2918 and ended at July 5, 2919. When the Civil Security successfully overtake the Usurpian territory called "Nyet" and "Da", the Usurpation creates a longline trench to defend the city, an Usurpian troop called "Usurpian 47th Railgun Regime" was volunteered at the longline trench to defend the city.

    3 hours later - The Civil Security was ready to overtake Zdrastvooytye, the Usurpation was prepared like "lock and load" and the Civil Security march to the Zdrastvooytye field and while the Civil was marching to the city, the Usurpian railgun troops was aiming and also there mini-nuclear mortars wer…

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