Battle of Etaudarg Gnos is the emotional battle on the planet of "Darwin IV/Usurpia", the battle starts at March 21, 2793 to December 26, 2793. This is between Usurpation and Falkoks but the Protagonists joined the battle at June 2793.

Introduction - The Usurpation expand their territory to the North since early 28th century, and this this is the start of "Falko-Usurpian War" and the first battle that its emotion.

March 21, 2793 - Etaudarg Gnos, Falkok Empire, North Usurpia

The Usurpation was discussing about to invade the Falkok empire because of long request to have union of Falkok Empire and Alien Strong Republic of Usurpation and then at night, the Usurpation was marching to Etaudarg Gnos and a Falkok watchtower saw an Usurpation soldiers marching to the field, and then he pressed the alarm because they know that the Falkok Empire hates Usurpation already because of expansion and a Falkok Troop called "Falkonian 143rd Snipers" volunteer for the battle of Etaudarg Gnos and then the Falkonian 143rd Snipers was shooting advance so the Usurpation will slow to capture the Etaudarg Gnos and Usurpation commander said, "Victory or death, charge!" and the Usurpation charges to the defensive fortress and Falkoks release the upgraded artillery and then at the field where Usurpation charge was explode like "Boom!" and the snipers also headshotted an Usurpation commander and then it stopped.

June 16, 2793 - The Marines or the Protagonists joined the battle because they need territory because of Civil Security was capture some territories of the Marines, at the battle, the Marines was so intelligent because they go to Etaudarg Sewer to successfully go to Etaudarg Gnos because they cannot go to the entrance fortress because they might get shot.

41 minutes later - The Marines placed some bombs at Etaudarg Sewer and then the ground explode and the Falkok noticed that Etsudarg was invaded by enemies and then the Usurpation appeared and said "Charge" with 10000+ troops and the Falkoks have no choice and they choose both to attack the Protagonist and the Usurpation, again it is the same as Usurpation but the Protagonist has strongest weapon so they kill many Falkonian guards and Falkonian soldiers but ended up as a prisoners in war...

November 12, 2793 - The Winter season is here, and this battle has the biggest casualties on the universe...36 million casualties, the Usurpation invent a missile called "Elissimk" and they release the missile and the defensive fortress was almost destroyed.

December 26, 2793 - The Falkok surrendered at Etaudarg Gnos because of Sixth Hailstone Crisis and the Protagonist decline to capture the Etaudarg Gnos because the Usurpation, Usurpation finally capture the Etaudarg Gnos.

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