Battle of Zdrastvooytye was a brutal battle and long battle of the history on an alien planet called "Usurpia", the battle started at September 28, 2918 and ended at July 5, 2919. When the Civil Security successfully overtake the Usurpian territory called "Nyet" and "Da", the Usurpation creates a longline trench to defend the city, an Usurpian troop called "Usurpian 47th Railgun Regime" was volunteered at the longline trench to defend the city.

3 hours later - The Civil Security was ready to overtake Zdrastvooytye, the Usurpation was prepared like "lock and load" and the Civil Security march to the Zdrastvooytye field and while the Civil was marching to the city, the Usurpian railgun troops was aiming and also there mini-nuclear mortars were ready, then the Usurpian railgun troops released the mortars and hundreds of Civil Security soldiers were killed and also it reference the D-Day during WW2 and they clashing together....

December 23, 2918 - The Winter season arrived, it is 3-month passed since the battle but at night, the Usurpian railgun troops were sleeping at the trench so they can rest, when a Civil commander said, "Bomb the trenches, those stupid aliens are sleeping." and then the trench was explode and the Civil Security was like "Attack! For the humans!" and they are clashing at the coldest night....

May 12, 2919 - The longline trench was almost destroyed by the Civil Security, now it's 8-month passed and and the summer season, when all these ages 12 million casualties of this battle, and this is the brutalist month battle when a group of Civil Security called "The Brutal Troops" and there weapons was titanium katana and blade bow and this month, many Usurpian died by cutting bodies, rip off heads, and other disgusting for what they did to the Usurpians, will Civil win?

July 5, 2919 - Now the casualties is 15 million, finally the Usurpation surrendered at the Zdrastvooytye and the Civil Security overtakes the city, for all these years the Civil Security finally successful the battle.

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