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  • I live in Russia
  • TUCKER0002


    The year is 2046.The rebels are mad at a force in the US called the "Shadow Company". Use cool gadgets and meet new characters in this storyline.


    In this slideshow,it will show the characters,PS:I will update it when a new character comes and some of these characters wont be seen yet.

    Character BIO:

    Ghost:Ghost was a Usurpain solider until he started to hate the leader for what he did.I can't tell you because there is a flashback level that will be made to explain why Ghost betrays.

    Soap:Soap is a rebel Sargeant.He shares a squad with Ghost,Price,and Roach.Soap doesn't like the Shadow Company that much,but sometimes he doesn't even see them that much.

    Map ID's:


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  • TUCKER0002


    Zombies is gonna be where you play as variation of characters,but there are levels and most levels are made for single player.I TUCKER0002 test out his maps by logging into skunk1016's account to play his unpublished maps.There will be easter eggs,stuff you can build,mystery box,sorda like BLACKOPS 2.


    Skunk1016 has a way of making a mystery box.The bus driver is a blue civil security,if you kill him,he turns red and then if you kill him,he will throw you off the bus and into a secret place.


    Some weapons you'll need to build. Some suspicious items will have an invisible trigger to pick it up,then after getting the part for it,you go to the certain building area,the thing you built will…

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