The year is 2046.The rebels are mad at a force in the US called the "Shadow Company". Use cool gadgets and meet new characters in this storyline.


In this slideshow,it will show the characters,PS:I will update it when a new character comes and some of these characters wont be seen yet.
  • Ghost
  • Usurpain Juggernaut
  • Usurpain Solider
  • Usurpain Grunt
  • Price
  • Rebel Solider
  • Soap

Character BIO:

Ghost:Ghost was a Usurpain solider until he started to hate the leader for what he did.I can't tell you because there is a flashback level that will be made to explain why Ghost betrays.

Soap:Soap is a rebel Sargeant.He shares a squad with Ghost,Price,and Roach.Soap doesn't like the Shadow Company that much,but sometimes he doesn't even see them that much.

Map ID's:


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