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  • Tehswordninja

    Because of the lack of activity we've decided to allow anyone to edit again. Hopefully it'll stay this way.

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  • Tehswordninja

    Recent Events

    April 26, 2016 by Tehswordninja

    No clue if everyone will see this but I'm just gonna hope that happens.

    So in light of recent events, I think it is a good time to make the wiki user editable only. This way, people like Gygerthrall can't just use a 'guest' account and just edit easily, and then switch IPs. This won't stop everything, the only way to do that would be to protect every page, but it should help out. Users who don't have accounts and edit here often, or just want an account, go ahead, make one! It will help out the wiki a lot.

    Thanks, tehswordninja

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  • Tehswordninja

    I think Drones could be made by some Earth security company and are just used by the Civils; this would explain their guns, and how the CS use them for defence/security. This would also explain why they do not have CS in their name.

    I think Corvettes are also made by a different company, maybe the same company that makes drones. These drones are clearly meant to guard highly important areas, such as a time portal. I think the Corvettes were hacked by the Usurpations, which explains the three destroyers in level 41. I think the reason why the cs bosses are in level 40 is to attack the corvettes to get the time portal back. 

    The Androids are also made by some company (damn this repeats a lot), and that the Cs also uses them(at least the SLCs, …

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