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    Hello, users around here. This blog post is basically what the title of it is saying, a new singleplayer series. It covers a few theories of Correction Nine, give or take your pick on which one is better. This post also displays enemies, allies, and weapons used in the map. Sounds fun, don't it?

    First up, we have Correction Nine, the original campaign.

    I'll have little charts on the side to describe the characters and weapons as we go.

    In the OC, you play as an Usurpation Eliminator, who is on a quest to finish what 8 of your colleagues started so long ago, but was scrapped by your leader, Usurpation Alpha.

    As you go along, you meet two allies, Proxy and the Marine, who wants to help you by finishing Correction Nine's mission, which is soon re…

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  • The Unofficial

    So I was on the forums, and I basically saw this topic here.

    The subject was pretty old, and was from my old blog post about the unknown characters.

    You know, the ID codes 10 and all of that.

    This is clearly what happened.

    I get doubted on the forums for creating these skins (lol how can I?), and no one put a space between my name! D:

    Yes, so this was pretty sad/awkward, and I just replied to it.

    Here, we can see a post of doubt (and my name not spaced! It's clearly spaced...)

    Why do I have to be the one doubted lately?

    And just when that topic was super old....

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  • The Unofficial

    This post is for solving error codes and types of them. If you have some not listed here, put the code and the error message in the comments, and seperate both with a space, like the following:

    Error Code #EXMP

    Error Message: Cannot load map because of X Y and/or Z.

    So here's some rare and common errors found in map editor.

    1. 1010 - Erase ALL characters, then re-add them. Or if on Map Editor v1.1, change the undefined (Team 19-21) teams to a real team.
    2. 2015 - Make larger gaps between walls or simply add a floor or something.
    3. 1502 - Less lamps = less lag. Flash Player will mark flares as black boxes, and CPUs will crash.
    4. 1009 - Check spelling of model ID code. Or use one of the actual codes (for those who have no idea and put gun_ak47 or something). …

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  • The Unofficial

    If you could update Plazma Burst 2 for one day, what would you add? Now there's no right or wrong answer to this, but  just share out your thoughts about it. All ideas (except for the secret idea) are accepted!

    • By the way, I'm not going to tell on what the secret idea is, that's up to you to figure out.

    You can add decors, backgrounds, engine marks for editor, a new editor, weapons, vehicles, characters, the whole 100 percent! But keep this in mind, have fun and be creative.

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  • The Unofficial

    Who Would Win?

    August 5, 2013 by The Unofficial

    What would happen if five characters from PB2 had a race: same speed, same jump height, same everything?

    Only one would win, clearly. So I made this page to ask you, who would win?

    Here are the contestants you can vote for! Pick an option and it'll be added.

    The race has lots of hazards, and lots of traps. Each character is not perfect in at least one area of the race, so choose wisely.

    Who will win the ultimate race? Choose any of the five.

    Marine (Lite Battlesuit) - More vulnerable to lasers.

    Android T-01187 - More vulnerable to door traps.

    Phoenix Falkok - More vulnerable to acid.

    Advanced Usurpation - More vulnerable to fall damage

    CS Lite - More vulnerable to jump height (will not jump as high as the others)

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