I've been experimenting a lot on Plazma Burst 2, and I found a bunch of new characters. So far, I have found at least 20, and I think I'm close to finding out who the unknown enemy is. Using character 10, I can only guess that the unknown enemy had red swords, while another had the unknown enemy with blue swords. Can there more than one unknown enemy, or is this an enemy with a strange ability to change sword colors? Character 10 shows a head, 30 shows legs. I can infer that this is an alien or a Civil Security Unit. Movement speed is somewhat average and I feel that this could be a secret alien unit.

Further experimenting shows that there is a character with a combination of 3 other characters, the three being the unknown enemy, Proxy, and the Marine. I'll continue to experiment furthermore into these strange and fascinating characters and let people know on who the unknown enemy is. Maybe I'll even find out the Unknown Skin in one of these tests.

Possible Outcomes: +49, 42.5, (30, 10) --------> Secret Enemy?

Negative numbers below -1 result in spawning the Marine. +- will result in an error.

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