We all remember how Robot Omega was crushed to death by a door, which was pretty surprising to some people, but who made him/it and why? What was the true purpose of the creation of this powerful entity, and what happened after it's demise?


It is likely that the Falkoks have developed this entity, simply as a means of defending stretegic points or as a guard for bases, as seen on Level 16 in PB:FttP, where it/he was seen defending the hangar with the ship. It's large size made it ideal for guarding, or it could've have been a very powerful weapon for battles. Although the Falkoks are capable of doing all of this on their own, it is unclear of Robot Omega's true purpose.


After Robot Omega's demise, the Falkonian race probably suffered a huge blow, and probably lost a few battles, mostly for technology against unknown rivaling aliens. In a last attempt to try and make up for their loss, they deploy to Earth (Level 40 in PB2), only to be slowed by CS forces. Despite Falkonians and thier technology, the Marine was still able to beat them, even though the Marine's tech is slightly lower than Falkonian standards. If the Usurpation Forces were really the Falkonians' relatives, both would have simply made another Robot Omega, or new weaponry. Also, if the Falkoks were extremely advanced, why didn't they just make a new Robot Omega? The answer to this might be revealed in Plazma Burst 3, maybe even in PB2 if more evidence could be found.

Maybe, because of Robot Omega's death, Androids were made to make up most of the remaining Falkok regimes, which still roamed around, trying to survive.

Technology Differences

Human weaponry almost stacks up to alien weaponry, but do they really possess the same type of technology? The CS, for example, could have made weapons, based off of Usurpation weaponry, which was really advanced, despite some of its flaws.

Falkonian tech was no different. In Level 16, during the confrontation, no weapon could hurt him, which would call for some serious armor made from a highly-protected metal alloy. PSI-Blades were a great invention, but Falkoks were never seen with this tech (PB:FttP), which would have helped them in their invasion. Why is that?

Usurpian technology was almost like Falkonian technology, except most of their tech was weaponry. It is unknown whether Usurpians made Androids, too, or whether they joined forces with the Falkoks to develop Alien Rifles, and such.

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