In order to join this clan founded by GreyPhantom(me) you must follow these:

1. Send me a friend request in Plazma Burst 2.

2. Insert {Civil Security Forces *} into your nickname.

3. You can choose your ranks,but only players that are chosen by me may choose the Civil Security Boss.

Clan facts:Our main enemy is the Usurpation Forces Clan founded by Dafuur-Isthill-Moorlak {Usurpation Forces Leader} .:mancrew5:.,my friend.And also the Boz(Biohazard) clan.


1. Civil Security Light

2. Civil Security Heavy

3. Civil Security Ghost

4.Civil Security Boss:Special rank given to users of my choice.

NOTE:Sometimes I wear a Civil Security Ghost Armor and sometimes a Civil Security Boss armor and in both of them I am still the leader.But the Civil Security Ghost armor is always available even if I am wearing it.

(*)Rank name here.Rank name must match your skin.

1. Soldier for Civil Security Light.

2. Commander for Civil Security Heavy.

3. Commando for Civil Security Ghost.

4. Leader and General for Civil Security Boss.

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