• Xniper

    torture maps

    August 18, 2013 by Xniper

    all of us know about saws

    but torture games are kinda like the new saws 

    torture games are single player maps and they are so fun

    so torture maps are like saws except that you are the guy who activate the traps so lets say for example




    torture maps are rare but its good to play them when your just bored

    so lets show some photos


    torture maps are simply  *attractive to 5 stars*

    nei26061996 torture maps are now on the top rated single player maps

    he is the first one to make a torture maps

    and he got the most famous torture maps

    well torture maos are just fun to try

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  • Xniper

    Clans World

    August 11, 2013 by Xniper

    hello my friends

    Xniper talking to you

    today iam going to introduce u to the clans world which the neutral and new players dont know about

    iam personally in it so iam going to start

    in the clans world before you join any clan there is 1 thing to check

    my first tip is to go to the famous people because they hear every news


    in EKAT clan (not alot of people love it)

    u got imiranda and the VCs

    VCs=vice commanders and that replaced the lord rank

    so there is about 10 or 11 VCs except imiranda the leader

    they know everything around pb2 world

    and there is the famous GSA people (they are friendly if u dont attack or threat them)

    u got jason (i dont advise u with him because he is so busy)

    there is jeep dino (he is a friendly guy so i advise u with him)


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  • Xniper

    spying in the clans world

    August 11, 2013 by Xniper

    Clans world is like a web

    everything is connected

    if you check the page i made before you well notice clot of things about clan world but what about the secrets in the clan world

    in there comes the turn of the spying divisions during the wars

    like in EKAT VS GSA war

    spying is very very famous in it and in the events during the apex predator and EKAT diplomatic problem there was people spying on ApexPredator from EKAT

    so if you dig good you well find that the best way of spying is to stay always 2 steps ahead of your enemy ( or more) 

    spying missions got may of types like :

    - collecting intels

    -planting false intels

    -destroying sites

    -destroying clans

    there are two kinds of spys:

    - spys that only spy if it comes as a mission (like me )

    - spys who just do…

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