hello my friends

Xniper talking to you

today iam going to introduce u to the clans world which the neutral and new players dont know about

iam personally in it so iam going to start

in the clans world before you join any clan there is 1 thing to check

what wars are going on?Edit

my first tip is to go to the famous people because they hear every news


in EKAT clan (not alot of people love it)

u got imiranda and the VCs

VCs=vice commanders and that replaced the lord rank

so there is about 10 or 11 VCs except imiranda the leader

they know everything around pb2 world

and there is the famous GSA people (they are friendly if u dont attack or threat them)

u got jason (i dont advise u with him because he is so busy)

there is jeep dino (he is a friendly guy so i advise u with him)

and there is too much clans but to make u remember the wars u should becarful of

the is the famous EKATvsGSA

i can official declare it as the longest war ever in the history of eric gurt games

so in the clan world u dont see the clan people so much except in saws and death matchs

that is because they got diffferent kind of communication ways which is officially called (the XAT chats)

the XAT chats is a very simple kind of chats (after you know how to create a one)

in that chat u contact whoever you want from clan leaders untel clan recruits but they have to be online on your same chat or in your friends list

but some people have problems withremmebering the XAT chat link which make it nessecery to make a clan site

i well introduce you to the wordpress systems

they are very easy to operate after you explore them

so inside that chats and sites

every single moment and event is decided even the secret private duels

and tournaments and the courts

even the laws 

so this was Xniper with you

~stay sharp~

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