Clans world is like a web

everything is connected

if you check the page i made before you well notice clot of things about clan world but what about the secrets in the clan world

in there comes the turn of the spying divisions during the wars

like in EKAT VS GSA war

spying is very very famous in it and in the events during the apex predator and EKAT diplomatic problem there was people spying on ApexPredator from EKAT

so if you dig good you well find that the best way of spying is to stay always 2 steps ahead of your enemy ( or more) 

spying missions got may of types like :

- collecting intels

-planting false intels

-destroying sites

-destroying clans

there are two kinds of spys:

- spys that only spy if it comes as a mission (like me )

- spys who just do the mission for fun and they are bored(cold blooded experienced spys)

there is an Example for a cold blooded spy

his name is crifty blaster and his list of crimes are :

-attacking EKAT site

-attacking BOA site (twice)

-attacking another clan site (i refuse to say that clan name )

when a spy is discovered his mission fails and his only hope is to get a good lawyer in the court ( if that clan got a judgical branch) to protect him

if the spy got no way to go there is keeping him banned in the Chats and firing hi mout of the clan he was spying on

sometimes in a clan you look to a guy as your best friend and you feel so so so happy to have him with you but the other day you find out he is a spy

so that is all for today

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