• Zoran Mitich

    Possible Story

    January 11, 2014 by Zoran Mitich


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    Earth was a peaceful place, where war became a thing of the past. Life was so beautiful until arrival of the Usurpation Forces came. No one knows where they came from. Maybe they were running from an enemy force, or maybe they were looking for resources found only on Earth. Either way, they came to Earth. Guided by the son of Alkur himself, Dafuur-Isthill-Moorlak, the newcomers wiped out  almost every army of the Human race leaving a few to surrender or leave Earth. That moment people became servants and beasts became masters...


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    Some servants were too strong-willed to give up on freedom, so the rebellion was born. Hiding under ground, this faction was unknown until their first attack on the enemy...


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