The Vehicle Cannon (stylized as Vehcannon) is a powerful, rapid fire cannon, manufactured by the Civil Security, for use with the Hound Walker-CS. The cannon fires large yellow energy-based projectiles, which resemble that of the CS-BNG, only smaller and different in color. The Vehicle Cannon can be used by any vehicle, even small vehicles, like the other vehicle weapons.


  • Map Editor ID for this weapon is gun_vehcannon.
  • Its colors blend with the Hound Walker.
  • In some cases, the Vehicle Cannon can look surprisingly good on the Mobile rO81-CS.
  • The explosion does a little less damage than the BNG.
  • It is the only part that doesn't disappear on a destroyed Hound Walker.
  • This gun has the highest range of all weapons.
  • There is a glitch where you fire it rapidly in a Mobile, you can drive faster than the bullets.
  • The cannon's projectiles have a much greater range than every other gun in the game, most likely due to the long-range combat you must do in Level 18. This is because, like the rocket launcher, the projectiles actually accelerate, or speed up, after they have been fired.