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The Vehicle Minigun (stylized as Vehminigun) is an automatic machine gun weapon for vehicles. It is typically used by Drones and Mobile rO81-CSs, but can be mounted on any type of vehicle. The Vehminigun fires realistic bullets in a slow automatic fashion. The bullets are similar to that of the Pistol C-01p; blue-colored, and elongated. This gun is the most accurate vehicle gun. The damage of this weapon is fairly average, but it is outclassed by fully upgraded, non-vehicle weaponry.



Vehicle minigun in PB:FttP

  • Map Editor ID for this gun is gun_vehminigun.
  • It is the only weapon used by the Mobile rO81-CSs in the campaign.
  • The gun is completely black. It doesn't even have any outlines and has sharp corners too.
  • This gun's name is misleading since it fires like a pistol, not a minigun.
  • It is the only weapon used on more than one vehicle in the campaign.

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