Walljump in Level 2

Walljumping was introduced in level 2 of the campaign.

Walljumping is a basic capability in Plazma Burst 2. Walljumping works by jumping at a wall, rebounding off the wall, and rebounding off another wall, allowing for a continuing cycle of jumping off of walls that will carry the player up a verticle shaft of walls. The walljumping technique can be performed by any player in any map, it is not limited to the Campaign or single player.

The walljump was introduced in Level 2, and allows the player to pass through narrow areas in maps, so long as there are walls on both sides. Rifle walljumping, an effective variant of walljumping used to overcome larger spaces, was introduced on Level 27. This technique is used several times throughout the campaign missions and also in multiplayer. It is included in most saw maps.

How to Walljump

When you run towards the wall right or left and a second before you reach the wall, you have to let go of the run button and quickly hold the jump button. You have to hold the jump button until you reach the top. If you were to stop walljumping while climbing up the walls, you would fall and possibly die, depending on how high the player is. When walljumping, space is required in order to jump from side to side. It is sometimes possible to walljump via shooting your rifle if the passage is too far apart for normal walljumping, and is referred as rifle walljumping.


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